Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tuscany style patio, country home

Outdoor Tuscany style patio
This is an area in front of my shed on a large patio- I started not finished with it yet- building a stone bar and a fireplace still working on the stone floor even started grapes!!  I did this so I would not  just have a plain wall where my shed is so I made it look  a little like a cafe with a fake window and door


Tuscany style painting 
Scarlet and Crimson
Cardinal bird painting 
Country Home 
Thank you for visiting!!
Sincerely Jonny


Julie Marie at Idyllhours said...

Oooh it's all so beautiful Jonny!... I LOVE your pretty shed!... how fun it would be to sit out there with you and sip tea and chat!... xoxo Julie Marie

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening Jonny,
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such kind words. I have missed your visits...

I can see you have been quite busy.
I LOVE what you have done with your shed!! I have been wanting to do something to mine for quite some time... You have really inspired me to get going on this.. Would make a nice summer project.
It looks just beautiful, and your stones look wonderful.
Wishing you a joyful week.