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Morning Glory

Heaven awaits for those who believe,- in a sacred meadow where wildflowers dance and passion blooms. Where Divine Angels dream and open their hearts to a vision of beauty, Nature, Gods masterpiece, what he created for us, our own Heaven on Earth.- Petros

Surrenduring Violet
Nature brings us a promise of beauty, a season brings us a gift of colors, a joy to behold. We dream as we see the heavenly blue flowers that are rambling along roadsides and flourishing in gardens, the color blue, surrrenders one to calmness, bringing peace. Then there is the color of violet, the divine color of passion. Mysteriously it can ignite the heart and stir the imagination. Violet, the color, sincerely delicate, a precious whisper that surenders one wild-Petros.

Sweet September

We are flushed with anticipation before nature's magestic fall. As summer slips away, September comes quietly with her leaves slowly changing as if an artist is painting them, this is a season of vibrant colors. If only to dream, give me the splendour of September forever, the days to walk beside everything of beauty, just to linger, sweet is this dream of September-Petros

Notes of Scarlet
As Autumn falls upon us, she walks us through her ruffled leaves of color. She holds our faces against her warm sun, letting us enjoy the gift of feeling embraced. Our eyes dance across a glorious horizon.We are in awe of a countryside aflame with scarlet and rich in gold.. We take in the scene and feel as though we are standing in the middle of a grand painting, where our souls are moved into a solitary thought of 'what is our place in the world'. We gather,celebrate. The abundance of beauty and fruits of the season is cause for us to give thanks. These gifts are more precious than all the riches we know. Our eyes can adore scarlet but it is our hearts that know the grace of a season, and the reality in nature is the real beauty in life. -Petros


A moment of joy comes at seeing the first snow fall, an idealistic winter scene. Gracious pines covered in white, crimson winterberries dangling from branches, wildlife content in mossy nests.The beholder is breathless, she knows there is beauty in the still of winter when all is quiet and at peace. -Petros

Spendor of Spring

In the midst of a dream I am lying beside the Earth and a warm breeze awakens us. Nature reborn and the innocence of new life, restores my hope and faith in miracles. I am impassioned once again by Heaven's beauty on Earth. Spring's symphony begins with the budding of trees, charming songs of birds and the fragrant scent in the air. As Nature blooms and splendor bursts forth, with joy I celebrate the eternity of life.

Blue Daisy

Far away a blue daisy grows under a golden sun, that kisses the faces of angels, and where nature is free to run wild. May we who have seen such beauty in nature, leave it to be untouched, unharmed, untamed. So that those still yet to be will one day see.-Petros

A Summer Rose

At the break of day a golden sun appears bringing me great joy, with a summer breeze that warms my soul, but what brings me beauty is knowing in the summer I can breath a rose.-Petros

Rose Petals

 Nestled between the blades of grass, lies a delicate petal fallen from what was once the sweetest rose. A tender moment in thought, of remembering the beauty, passionate remains this soul who knew of such loveliness. - Petros

A Tree in Memory    This living tree, grows for you and me and still those yet to be. It awakens my heart, flooding with memories. Wind blowing, gently swaying, I can see her waving to me. Bathing in the sunlight, I can see him smiling at me. Years gone, leaves have fallen, branches have scattered. Aging gracefully, reminding us of them, young endlessly. Remembering those divine, a memory of yours and mine. - Petros                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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