Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I painted my husbands father years ago which hangs in my living room today.There were not to many pictures to go by, for he had passed away when my husband was young. My husband and his father very much look a like. From what I have learned about him is that he was a remarkable man. He was a seaman and one of the heroes that was aboard the now famous USS Franklin. An aircraft carrier that survived an aerial bombing in the pacific in 1945. A WW2 Veteran, he was among the men that survived and helped save the ship and bring it home. A lot of men gave there lives aboard that ship it was the most heavily damaged in the war. I didn't get to see the movies that were made about it,  but watched some actual footage. I couldn't imagine the fear that was going through all those men, to see a great  many of their shipmates die and  to be on a ship in the middle of the pacific, heavily bombed and burning. I have a great amount of respect for these men that were able to put aside their fear and work hard to save their ship and miraculously bring it home . When he came home he must have somehow put that in the past and got married, his wife Kathryn and him have five children. He was a family man that devoted his life to his family and church. He worked  hard at the local steel mill and afterward devoted himself to his church . He is  to me an amazing man I would like to have met.

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