Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I painted my father Johnny Molek when my husband and I first moved into our home. My father comes from a very large family of fifteen children. He grew up on a farm, most of the children in his family had to leave school at an early age to work the farm. My father is an amazing singer and piano player. He taught himself at an early age to play the guitar and piano. His family says his mom used to ask him to always play a song for her about roses, she must have loved to here him sing. Some people believe a song that moves you, can give you a chill, I'm like that to this day, my father still amazes me, I love to hear him sing. He played at all of his children's weddings and still  plays now but not as often. One of his great passions in life would be, taking care of, and riding his Indian Chief Motorcycle. My father taught me to follow my heart and dreams. To believe in myself and to never loose my sense of self identity, and whatever I'm doing in life, be able to take pride in it, but not vanity and when something doesn't work out the way I planned, not to pity myself. In the face of difficulties in life, perseverance has always been a strong attribute that my father has passed down to, I believe all his children. My fathers nature is honest and sincere. A kind man that is always there to help someone in need. I  feel I am honored that this guy is my dad.

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