Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I remember at the time when I was in my late thirties, I wished that I had gone to art school, for what was always my passion. I felt at the time that I needed to learn and understand the basic principles and techniques to use when  executing a painting, shadowing, form, perspective and so forth. I believe they are the building blocks when considering  the best way to present  ideas on to canvas. Speaking for myself having not gone, what I can do only is paint what I see, as I see it. I do not have a set of guidelines that I may use while painting for I have not yet grasped what they entail hence whether or not a painting is politically correct I would never know. I can not say yet  that I am self taught, for me every painting is a time to discover new ways to express my ideas on to canvas. I do have gratitude, for those whom I have done commissioned pieces for, that have so graciously complimented my work, it gives me a sense of feeling that I must have accomplished something in my life for a long the way there was never a teacher to say you need to do this or this is how one must do it, for it to be correct. This winter I do plan to paint and in between hopefully find the time to understand and grasp all that I can about the underlying principles of art. I have always kept an open and inquiring mind as things relate to art in general. The pure joy for me in art is the creative process of the painting itself, its like writing a story of something and the end result , the painting, is merely the door that opens to the story. Lately as I finish a painting for some reason I can no longer truly see it, time must lapse for me to see what I actually painted and whether or not I'm pleased of course I rarely am, some say an artists is his worst critic, I believe in that someway. Sometimes we as artists spend so much time looking for what is wrong  in a piece rather than seeing what is right and beautiful and knowing that may well be enough.


Julie-ann Bowden said...

I,m not sure how I found your blog. You're art is really beautiful!

Jonny J Petros said...

Thank you Julie-ann The feeling is mutual,You are a very talented artist.Your art is very beautiful and flourishes with imagination You have a brilliant poetic style!Thank you for stopping by.Sincerely Jonny