Friday, January 13, 2012

rococo furniture, shabby decor, French rose painting, rococo ornamental art, pink toile

French Blue
shabby pink rose painting

rococo style furniture
Painted my dining room small buffet a pink toile
French girl painting
Painting of girl with ornamental scrolls
Shabby  cottage style furniture
Painted old school desk

 I am painting a lot this Winter, but so looking forward to Spring. I hope to have my dining room repainted by Spring. I am changing all my furniture to something different, The table and chairs will have to wait till warmer weather though, just excited to brighten up the whole room!. Thank you all for stopping by to visit, Sincerely, Jonny
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Mari said...

Hi Jonny~
Omg! Your painting are gorgeous ;)
I love,love,love your buffet, it look amazingly beautiful, whaaaaaaaa I wish I could paint as you do ;)
Looking forward to seeing more!


Peeters Liliane said...

That buffet is so beautiful so romantic. I adore rose's!!! You are a great talented woman, your paintings are so subliem!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh my gosh Jonny, everything is so beautiful!... I especially love your gorgeous buffet... can't wait to see everything else as you complete it... xoxo Julie Marie

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Jonny, you have the gift of making the roses so beautiful, and realistic, I can almost smell them! I am in love with the old school desk..what a treasure you have created my friend, XOXO Fairy Blessings, Christel

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Jonny
Your rose paintings are simply beautiful... I just love what you have done with your buffet.. I really love the painting of the woman.. Thank you so much for your visits... Wishing you a wonderful week.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Jonny
Thank you so much for your visit.. So happy you enjoyed Bebe's chocolates and Pitz!
Wishing you a beautiful week

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you so much for your visit Jonny.. So happy you enjoyed my little theatre and Bebes chocolates.
Wishing you a beautiful week

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

How sweet of you to come over and meet Grandpa rabbit and leave such kind words Jonny. It is always such a treat to have you visit..
Wishing you a very happy valentine's day tomorrow.
Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work soon.

Oil Paintings Reproductions said...

Your painting are gorgeous ;)Thanks sharing....<3 <3 <3

Gaby Bee said...

Your paintings are incredible, Jonny. I especially LOVE, LOVE your buffet and the rose paintings on the old school desk are amazing!

Gaby xoxox

Jonny J Petros said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments I do truly appreciate your visit!

Janny said...

Awesome work Jonny!

Sandra Alexandra said...

Looovely :X:X like it so much